Recruiting now! Need PHP/Ajax programmer

Coder wantedWe’ve been working on the game and updating the project’s web page like crazy for the past few weeks and we’re on a roll now. Alpha test, here we come! We need to recruit a fourth member, to primarily start the construction and design of Interim’s front-end, and we’re wondering if there is anyone who’s interested. So if you like what you’ve read here on the site and think that “yeah, I want to be a part of that” just give us a holler.

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Nordic Game 2009, Malmö Sweden

I have just arrived to Nordic Game to attend the Career Expo portion of the game developer conference. There are already a lot of people here. I’m looking forward to attending the first session of the day, with Kyle Gabler (World of Goo) and Petri Purho (Crayon Physics Deluxe).

Update: The day was great, Kyle and Petri were really cool and their Q&A was really insightful and inspiring. I met some other nice, aspiring indie hopefuls and it was really fun to just talk to other people who were trying to get their projects and careers off the ground.

Petri at the indie developer Q&A

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spandyWe have decided to launch a site for the game development project Non Zero Games. We’ll be adding, among other things, information and other tidbits about the game projects we have started. We hope it will be interesting.

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