Non Zero Games is a project focused on designing and producing games, initially web-based, with a slant towards innovation, multiplayer interactivity and interdependency.

Our philosphy

We believe that game play should be designed around the idea that the player base should collectively have a great impact on how a game unfolds. The game experience should evolve through the actions of the players, changing as they make choices and react to each other. To achieve this there needs to be game mechanics that allow them to both create and compete.

Our aim is to create games that give players a variety of objectives that both encourage co-operation and competition. This is achieved by creating collective goals that require teamwork or by pitting the gamers’ personal interests against each others’ in order to create conflict. Making non-threatening games based on a misplaced concern of alienating large portions of the player base is not a notion we believe in. The threat of “griefing” and dominance has made game play¬†lean towards players competing against the game (by completing missions, beating monsters, etc.) instead of playing with and against other people. We want to change this.

The players need to truly interact with each other. They shouldn’t be limited to only occasionally meeting and interacting with others. Other people should be a constant feature and be deeply integrated into the player’s experiences. Interdependency in terms of both teamwork and game progression is something we believe to be the cornerstone of our game design. Players should also have the tools and game play mechanics to create game play content. Being constantly “fed” quests and storylines from the developers only creates a more static experience and easily makes the actions of the individual player insignificant. Focusing more on how the players as a whole can both generate content and collectively propel a game forward is the future of computer and video gaming.

Multiplayer dynamics and interactivity go way beyond simple player versus player combat and we at Non Zero Games believe that the possibilities in making interactive and interdependent multiplayer games are limitless and are so far a largely untapped facet of game development.