Sample images of the coming artwork

We thought it would be nice to show you some of the work Caroline Breault has done so far. We hope you like them!

Some concept art Caroline did early in the process.

Here is a portrait for the attack house "Psych ward".

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Artist found: Caroline Breault

We looked high and low for artists and illustrators who could help our game become a tour de force and after quite a few impressive applicants we decided on the collaborating with the awesome Caroline Breault. She has, among other things, been published in the on-going Montreal-based comic anthology Merure. She has been working with us a few weeks now and we are extremely pleased with the work she has done so far. Some samples will probably be shown soon!

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Now looking for artist for “Interim”

We are now in the process of searching for an illustrator/artist/graphic designer for “Interim”. We have two ads up for the time being, one at TIGForums (long) and one at (short). If you want to do some work with us just email us and we’ll get back to you!

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Building the beta

Lamp FactoryTelecommunications OfficeIt has been a while since we last updated this site but no fear, we have been hard at work on Interim all winter. Micael has been building a final version for the back end of the game and has also started work on a more dynamic interface for the individual Neighborhood and City Blocks in the game. We hope it’ll be both easier and more powerful than a literal city map with rigid (and identical and boring) rectangular blocks and roads. This means that the beta phase is well on its way!

I have also drawn some temp icons for the different kinds of houses in the new interface. These are just for the time being, we hope to be acquiring some final art soon. You can see some of the temporary pics here in this post.

DistilleryWe will be contacting the play testers shortly with an update on the game. We hope also to have weekend-long test in the coming weeks to see how the game does over a longer period of time. We will probably also need more participants…

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Alpha testing continues

We are now in the phase of group testing with dedicated, and very kind, testers. We have tried to get the player-driven market to work more efficiently and we wanted to start to see how Attack Buildings would work (Attack Buildings do not produce any goods, they affect other buildings negatively in different ways). The function for Attack Buildings did not work as planned in the last test but we hope it will work better today. We will be having the next test in less than one hour.

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Non Zero Games goes international

It’s been a long time since we last updated the website and quite a few things have happened since the last post. Pontus and Micael are now currently living abroad; Pontus in the USA and Micael in Scotland. The project is still under way and a new test period, this time online, will soon be started to further balance the game. More info will be posted about the tests shortly.

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More testing!

This Sunday we had another group testing session, this time with 14 novice players, plus the developers. It went well! After receiving a quick sheet and a brief introduction and explanation from Pontus the players went to their stations and tested the game for three hours. Afterwards we asked them to evaluate the game and have some pizza.

Despite a simple, and somewhat obtuse, interface the players played for three hours straight and most importantly everyone seemed to think that it was fun! The whole experience was great and showed us that our game has real potential.

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Group testing

We have this week conducted our first test session in a group. We were four people all playing at the same time for a few hours. We tried out with just two Neighborhoods and decided to not use any of the newly implemented “aggressive” buildings; we mostly sold, bought and moved resources. We were lucky and found some kinda fundamental bugs in the game. It’s really important to discover these types of unforeseen mistakes early in the testing process and I was happy that we found them. Pontus, who will have to fix them, was less than thrilled.

We will soon have a larger test session with a lot more people in the coming weeks.

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A devlog at TIGSource, plus screen of alpha

We have now started a developers log on the forums of indie game site TIGSource. We’ll be updating it regularly, discussing different elements and features in the game and showing off some of our progress.  Check it out!

Here is a screenshot of out early alpha version of the game:

Screen of early alpha

Screen of early alpha

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Alpha testing under way, still need front-end coder

Wow, even more is happening. The web page is now online once again after a short server move. The first alpha version of the game Interim is now playable and the core systems are working. We still need to play test the hell out of it and Pontus is working hard balancing the game. And it’s tough! He says that this is some of the hardest work he has done (and he’s comparing it to writing academic papers!).

We are still looking for a front-end programmer so if you happen to be interested just send us an e-mail and tell us about yourself. You can find our address on the Contact page.

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